Find your passion through serving not searching


I share about my journey to find myself and my passions and how you can too!

Who am I and what are my passions? I started a journey about 10 years ago with these questions in mind. It took me all over the world. Along the way I realized, we don’t find ourselves and our passions by searching but by serving.

I didn’t set out to be a designer, but as with most things in life it found me. I was asked to design a band t-shirt and I said, “yes.” This “yes” 16 years ago opened the door to what is now Calvin Hanson Creative.

I started designing while still at Clemson University studying Graphic Communications and upon graduation, decided to make it my full-time vocation. I started designing for businesses around Greenville, SC.

My defining season

There have been many marking seasons of my life, but from a professional and personal standpoint what marked me the most was my season of traveling and serving Youth with a Mission.

During my time with this organization, I traveled around the world and was exposed to the most beautiful and most inspiring things humans have to offer as well as atrocities and injustices that exist among us.

I knew God didn’t let me see these things so I could go back to designing pretty things til retirement and live the good life until I met him in the sky.

But what could I do?

Someone wise once said, “Use what’s in your hand.” For me, this was a mouse and a computer and sometimes a camera. God had given me my skillset to help businesses, organizations and individuals multiply their message to their audiences authentically.

With my skillset, I’ve helped organizations fight human trafficking, free people from bondages, and inspire youth to love God and love others. I’ve also helped businesses grow, communicate authentically, and represent themselves to clients in a consistent professional way.

My goal is to help you walk in your calling to bless and serve others as I walk in mine. Let’s do this!

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