The Contemplative Activist


Marty and his wife not only are spiritual directors but also train and connect spiritual directors around the USA. They needed to organize their brand and present it in an easy to navigate way.

Project Details

Marty wanted branding and a spiritual direction website that helped website visitor see the scope of the services they offered. Depending on if you are looking for a spiritual director or wanting to become one, they wanted the navigation to be easy to find what the visitor was looking for.

The branding we came up with is both modern yet hints at organic and historical elements. Spiritual direction operates on the foundation of the historical spiritual practices and we wanted to highlight this throughout the branding.

The three main sections to Contemplative Activist Website are: Communion, Community, Commission.

Each section speaks to a different audience.

Communion: offers tools to go deeper in faith with God

Community: offers connection to the USA network of Spiritual Directors to find one that is nearest you.

Commission: offers training in Spiritual Direction

A Look at the Branding & Website Design

Branding for The Contemplative Activist


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